We need you!

Do you have a few hours you can spare on a regular basis?
Are you looking to do something meaningful and gratifying?
Everybody wants to give to the lesser privileged – DO YOU?

Enroll as a PENN volunteer.

Are you an idea generator with keen leadership skills? Join as a member of our Executive Board. Limited spaces available.

Are you looking to be involved in a charity, you will be hands on, whether it is handling finances, field work or organising events from the comfort of your home.

Following are our initial projects.

Health Education.

Volunteer1Collates information back from groups and media and feedback’s to the organisation. For instance what health condition do we need more information on? We will produce the leaflets based on your input.

Volunteer2you translate our leaflets in common vernacular languages such as Telugu, Tamil and Kannada?.

Volunteer3Have you had a health condition you would like to discuss –nothing helps another patient more than someone discussing their experience with the same disease they are struggling with. For instance have you had a mirena coil, or a hysterectomy? Come share your experience and let others benefit.

Volunteer4Do you have the ability to spread health information from our websites to areas we cannot normally reach – you are valuable to us. Please contact us.

Volunteer5Would you like to assist our patients. A few words of kindness, a hand to hold at a vulnerable time is priceless. Contact us if you have the heart.

Volunteer5Are you a doctor with expertise in the field of women’s health and would you like to contribute for the greater good of women through our website. Please join us.

Rural Health

Rural Health with privilege comes responsibility.


Our forth-coming project for Summer 2021.


Do have any experience or interest in making good healthcare available to those in town and villages. These women deserve good health care too. They have neither the resources nor the means to access health information or care.

We have vacancies at multiple levels – Register your interest.