Mrs X 84 yrs.old, attended A&E at a corporate hospital as was not able to pass urine. The patient was promptly catheterised and sent home on a long-term catheter. She was extremely distressed. The patient was started on medication to help the bladder contract and catheter was removed under supervision. She was able to pass urine freely. The sudden inability to pass urine for this lady was a direct consequence of some of the medicine she was prescribed. Her medication was altered under specialist guidance.

Comments: It is important to seek specialist care in some instances, so you as a patient get the maximum help. Also it is vital to make sure our elderly parents or grandparents get appropriate treatment and our not mismanaged because their health is quite a delicate balance.


Mrs R, a34 year old was told her baby was very small and that she needed to be delivered early by a caesarean section. She attended our clinic where she was found to have a small baby, as the mother herself was small built. We call these constitutionally small babies. She was monitored throughout her pregnancy and had a healthy normal vaginal delivery.

Comments: Avoiding intervention especially unnecessary ones is paramount in pregnancy, to ensure normality. On the other hand it is equally important to be monitored vigilantly in pregnancy to enable early detection and treatment. Our pregnant patients get screened for multiple disorders (such as diabetes, anaemia, thyroid disorders and hypertension in pregnancy) throughout their pregnancy.


Mrs K,a24 year old, in her first pregnancy was very keen on having a water birth -Delivery in a pool or bath of water, which helps pain and eases delivery. She was referred to us through a colleague and had comprehensive counselling throughout pregnancy. She then decided to labour in water and deliver in the traditional fashion.

It is important to trust and have an honest discussion with your consultant about your expectations vs. reality in labour. While labour and delivery is truly magical for parents, much can go wrong very quickly. Our antenatal classes educate our patients about events in labour and the complications that can occur. Patients can then take informed decisions.


Mrs K, a59 year old who weighed 130 kilos had stopped having her periods and was menopausal. She suddenly started bleeding vaginally and was found to have a thickened endometrium (inner lining of uterus) on scan. She was immediately advised a hysterectomy but could not have a major procedure because of poorly controlled Diabetes. We discussed and performed a small procedure called hysteroscopy, where we could visualise the uterus under short anaesthesia.She was found to have a polyp, which was removed and patient was discharged home the next day. The patient has not needed any further treatment.

Comment: Minimally invasive procedures are more than sufficient in some cases. There are a huge benefit in terms of cost and risk to health.


Mrs A, a 54 year old was a dynamic CEO of a hardware manufacture company. She had not been herself for the past 2 years and the family believed she had dementia and took her to the psychiatrist. She had a real problem with recollecting important information in her daily routine and her behaviour was also very out of character. The patient also complained of sweats and sudden chills and thereafter the psychiatrist sent her to us at Gynaecology. She was found to have severe menopausal symptoms and was started on Hormone replacement treatment by us. In a few days she made a miraculous recovery and resumed her previous role at home and the office.

Comment: Menopause can be quite debilitating. Do not ignore it. Appropriate treatment will ensure a good quality of life in the remaining very important years ahead.




HEALTHY DIET IN PREGNANCY: 1. Increasing calcium and iron intake in the form of diary and green leafy vegetables is advisable 2. Avoiding excessive carbohydrate, fat and sugars is of benefit.


Menopause is a phase in a woman’s life when ovarian function declines. Most women experience vasomotor symptoms – hot flushes and night sweats, which can be quite uncomfortable and quite easily treated.


Osteoporosis is a condition when your bones are very thin and therefore can break very easily and fracture even with small falls and minimum pressure, Osteoporosis can be reversed and its progression stopeed..


The advances in modern medicine have made real the dream of complete eradication of cervical cancer, With cervical cancer screening programs and vaccinations, while the rest of the world marches towards achieving very low..